Every BEARE PARK garment is proudly designed and made in Australia, employing Australia’s most skilled garment manufacturers. By supporting our local garment industry, we can ensure that our makers work in a safe environment and are paid fairly.



BEARE PARK is committed to minimising our carbon footprint by maintaining a tight local supply chain. Every BEARE PARK garment is crafted in Australia BEARE PARK and is designed to be a continuing treasure.



BEARE PARK purchases carbon offsets as part of the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest to achieve carbon neutral delivery for each sale made.



The environmental impact of our packaging has been carefully considered. Please consider the information below when recycling your BEARE PARK packaging:


BEARE PARK Shipping Box and BEARE PARK Swing Tag

Manufactured in Australia

Materials sourced from FSC and PEFC accredited paper mills

100% plastic-free and substrate is petroleum-based plastic-free

Substrate is produced using recycled content

Recyclable and re-usable

Printed with reduced VOC emissions


BEARE PARK Sticker, BEARE PARK Tissue Paper and Shipping Label

Printed with soy-based inks

Printed on FSC-certified paper

Acid, sulphur, and lignin-free



Made from 100% recycled materials

Carbon offset via the noissue Eco-Alliance initiative